Studio locations:
Nieuwe Kerkhof 13-1D Groningen
Kerklaan 30 Haren

About Joséphine Kurvers

Growing up with a grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer's Disease and losing quite a few beloved ones at a young age have contributed to the fact that she find it hard to let go of things afraid she might forget about them or lose them one day.

"Photography is my way to record my life. To not forget and to hold on in a world I don't always understand."

Joséphine Kurvers has won the Rob Acda Photo Award 2014/2015. Her work as a concertphotographer can be found here. Furthermore, she works closely with artist and musician Richard Bolhuis.

Joséphine Kurvers graduated at the prestigious Academy for Photography "Fotoacademie" in May 2017 with the photo installation "Memoro".

She is currently exploring the intersection of photography, film stills and video, investigating the possibities to simulate the way she remembers.


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